WinTools Extra Drive Creator Pro v7.3

Sunday, December 14, 2008

WinTools Extra Drive Creator Pro v7.3 | 0.6 MB

Suite of tools for creating Extra drives on your computer. Physical drives remain unchanged and are not divided into additional partitions. The program includes tools for creating Crypted drives, Virtual CD-ROMs, Virtual drives based on files, Virtual drives based on folders, RAM-drives...


AMS-Soft Photo Collage Maker v1.36

AMS-Soft Photo Collage Maker v1.36 | 7.16 MB

Photo Collage Maker is digital scrapbooking and photo collage software. It allows you to create and print scrapbook layouts quickly and easily. Automate your work with compositions, enhance photos with effects, spice up your creation with borders, frames, backgrounds and clipart. When you are finished with your work you can save it as digital file (jpg, gif, tiff, etc.). And each masterpiece can printed over and over again. Photo Collage Maker makes it possible to arrange your favorite photos on a digital canvas without actually having to cut up real photo prints and glue them to poster board.

Photo Collage Maker :: Features

> Cool Edges & Shapes
Stamp out your images into a variety of creative shapes.

> Clip art, everywhere
A lot of clip art images are included to spice up any project. Photos and clip art can be rotated, resized, and placed anywhere on your collage board.

> Love those layers
Powerful layering technology enables you to add and arrange photos in your collage any way you want. Position, resize and rotate pictures with simple a click and drag. You can also change opacity of the layers, add shadow and halo effect.

> Amazing Perspective
Use unique Perspective function to create amazing effects.

> Author, Author
Insert your own funny slang words, catch phrases or personal sentiments. You choose the font, color, size and location.

> Awesome photo effects
Dozens of unique photo effects are included - ancient photo, spray, noise, posterize, emboss...

> Save it now, change it later
Save your creation as any of the standard image formats including jpg, bmp, and tif. Save your collage as a "project" file so it’s completely editable the next time you open it.

> Make beautiful prints
Print your masterpiece using special print dialog.


Likno AllWebMenus PRO v4.2 Build 662

Likno AllWebMenus PRO v4.2 Build 662 | 12 MB

AllWebMenus™ is a web menu builder that requires absolutely no DHTML or Javascript experience from you. It creates cross-browser navigation menus that work alike in all browsers supporting DHTML. A DHTML menu / JavaScript menu can be designed with a simple, tree-like approach. You can then fully customize it by applying a vast available number of features through the Properties Pane or by choosing a predefined appearance from the Theme Gallery.

The choice of AllWebMenus as your DHTML menu / JavaScript menu maker offers you the highest possible standards and qualifications:

-: Powerful customization (hundreds of combinations)
-: Cross-browser support
-: Addins/extensions for popular html editors (view entire list)
-: new! Database-driven or programmatically generated menus (Server-Side Menus API)
-: Search engine optimized (SEO) menu implementations
-: new! Web menu Theme Packs and Templates
-: fast and accurate customer support
-: Immediate coverage of browser updates
-: Simplicity and ease of use
-: Continuous upgrades and company commitment

Full cross-browser support
Choose among the hundreds of features with the cross-browser, cross-platform assurance that AllWebMenus carries. AllWebMenus fully supports:
- Internet Explorer (v4 and above)
- Netscape (v6 and above)
- Opera (v6 and above)
- Mozilla (v1 and above)
- Firefox (v0.1 and above)
- Konqueror (v2 and above)
- All Macintosh-based browsers (Safari included!)

... and we have a strong commitment towards you to keep on with the developments of more recent browsers!

AllWebMenus™ will save you a significant amount of time and effort required to fully understand Dynamic HTML and JavaScript menu code designed to support all DHTML-enabled browsers.

Full Search Engine Optimization (SEO) support
Your menus contain links (URLs) that lead to your most important pages in your site.
However, search engines cannot crawl links (URLs) contained in DHTML-driven menus and pure CSS menus have the major drawback that they bloat every single page of your site with the same list of links, causing their important text and keywords to move further down in priority while also risking search engine spamming.

AllWebMenus has the most elegant and effective method to boost your search engines visibility without risking search engine spamming (like CSS menus do).
Through the "Tools -> Create sitemaps -> Create Generic Sitemap" feature you can simply create an optimized page with all the links contained in your menu and just add a single link to this page from your site's index page. This simple process lets all search engines crawl all URLs contained in your menu!

AllWebMenus Addins and supported tools!

> AllWebMenus Addins
The Server-Side Menus API is a brand new add-in, specifically designed to cover the needs of those who want to generate menus on-the-fly, either database-driven or programmatically generated menus based on conditions, parameters, etc. Download the Server-Side Menus API

> Supported Tools
AllWebMenus has a generic approach for handling the attachment of javascript menus in web pages. This simple generic approach has the advantage of allowing AllWebMenus users to insert their menus in web pages created with any authoring tool - even a simple text editor. (View entire list)

We also offer special addins for FrontPage, Dreamweaver, and NetObjects Fusion that add to the seamless integration of your menus to your pages created with these tools.
- FrontPage Addin
- Dreamweaver Extension
- NetObjects Fusion Component

Major Features

-- Full documentation on all features and properties! The HELP file is about 647KB offering you complete support on your design efforts. A complete printable manual can also be downloaded.
-- Use AllWebMenus with all Authoring Tools without hassles.
Advanced options for seamlessly support of:
- Dreamweaver Templates, Libraries and Includes (with free Extension)
- FrontPage Shared Borders and Includes (with free AddIn)
- Netobjects Fusion Masterborders (with free component)
- ...and all other Authoring Tools!
...and more!
-- Optimized menu building with separate javascripts for different browsers.
-- Create menus for framed web sites (cross-frame menus).
-- Unique LTR support for Right-to-Left language implementations (such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc.)
-- Create any kind of web menu fast by using pre-designed menu themes from the Theme Gallery.
-- Create, link and update a web menu into your web pages in no time and without any code required.
-- Use multiple menus in the same page.
-- Free Sitemap generator based on the functional web menu structure. The most effective solution for search engine optimized (SEO) menu implementations.
-- Use two flexible ways to position your menus:
- using window coordinates
- attaching the web menu to any element inside your page
-- Use menus with Shared Borders, Templates and Libraries.
-- Use the Copy and Paste Values functionality to quickly transfer values among menu items.
-- Specify an alternative URL (without a menu) to open when a user has an older browser that does not support DHTML and Javascript (optional).
-- Use complete help for all properties and procedures. Press F1 while you are on a property to immediately receive Quick Help for that property.
-- Use Sticky submenus. A sticky submenu does not close unless you move to another item or click on the page. This is how the Windows "Start" menu works.
-- Use Popup and hidden menus.
-- Design both horizontal and vertical menus.
-- Use static or animated Images for both background and content.
-- Create effects by using different property values for three different item states: the "Normal", "Mouse Over" and "Mouse Click" item states.
-- Keep the menu visible in the same position while scrolling using either smooth or immediate scroll.
-- Specify Javascript Commands to be executed:
- when any menu item gets clicked
- when any submenu appears or disappears
- when the Main Menu appears or disappears
This feature allows you to create fully extensible and programmable menus!
-- Use both vertical and horizontal submenus at any possible combination (see the "Links" item of the menu on our web site)
-- Use Header and Footer on the submenu groups and allow the user to drag the menu from its Header.
-- Choose "How", "When" and "Where" the submenus open.
-- Use "Distances between menu items" and assign a "Statusbar Text" for each item.
-- Several unfolding effects for the submenus:
- Blinds
- Iris Star
- Pixelate
- Radial Wipe
- Random Bars
- Random Dissolve
... and many more


PhotoFusion v1.02

PhotoFusion v1.02 | 3.44 MB

PhotoFusion is an easy-to-use image editing software. Now suppose you have a digital photo and a beautiful landscape picture, and you want to add you digital photo onto the landscape picture. You want to softly blend them together, and the blended picture should be natural and attractive. You are looking for an image editing software which can do it easily and quickly.

You can easily blend your digital photo onto another image to create special effect with PhotoFusion. You can also easily add many pretty frames, flowers and cartoon pictures onto your photo. It makes your photo more interesting and attractive.

You can easily change the size and position of the photos, flowers, cartoon pictures or text just by clicking and dragging them.
The features include:

1) There are 200 masks for you to choose, which changes your photo in different shapes then blend it onto the backdrop image

2)Add 60 kind of flowers onto your photo, which make you photo more beautiful

3)Add 120 cartoon pictures onto your photo, which make you photo more interesting.

4)Add text comments onto your photo.

5)Add frames onto your photo. There are 160 frames included.


CoffeeCup VisualSite Designer v5.7 Retail

CoffeeCup VisualSite Designer v5.7 Retail | 15 MB

Now Anyone Can Make a Website --- No Experience Needed! CoffeeCup VisualSite Designer is a WYSIWYG Website Creator and Editor that helps you make Web pages with no experience or HTML knowledge. Just drag and drop images or text on the page until you like what you see, and then upload to your Website. VisualSite Designer comes with over 70 Web Page Templates to start you off and you can make Websites with multiple pages, text-fields, graphics, animations and more. Create pages with your own images or use the built-in button and background creators to make every step a breeze.

VisualSite Designer also has its own image creation tools so you don't need other graphics software. You can add effects like glow, shadow, and transparency to your text and images, and make custom MouseOver buttons and effects in a snap ... VisualSite Designer creates all the images and JavaScript for you.

When you are happy with your page, upload it to your Website with just one click ... the built in FTP function handles the rest. The software puts all your pages and images online for you, practically eliminating broken links and missing images.

Feature List

- VisualSite Designer is based on drag-and-drop functionality. If you can point and click, you can make your website! True WYSIWYG Layout & Design.
- Use the Inspector tool to easily edit an object
- True WYSIWYG Layout & Design
- Over 100 Graphic Textures and Animations
- Over 50 Website Templates
- Over 50 Page Backgrounds
- With the Add Page, Remove Page and Show Page buttons you can: insert new pages into your website, remove a page or show existing pages that are currently hidden.
- Wizard to add in projects from any CoffeeCup Application
- Dozens of Button Styles and Effects
- Add Effects to Text and Images
- Put Drop Shadows on your Images and Text
- Mouseovers are just one click away
- The Toolbar puts all the editing tools at your fingertips
- Adding images is a snap! Just click on the Image Icon, then click on where you want the image to go. After you pick your image it appears right where you clicked (you can always drag it to a new spot).
- Use the Built in FTP tool to Send your website to your host.
- Use the HTML button to insert Flash code into your website.
- Add Visual Effects to your Text and Images like Drop Shadows and Styles.
- Mouseovers are just one click away in VisualSite Designer. No more tricky scripts or complex image editors.
- Look no further, Over 50 Page Backgrounds.
- The Toolbar puts all the editing tools at your fingertips. Switching between functions is as easy as point and click.
- The Page, Object, Link, Fill, Effect and Styles buttons controls the content of the Inspector menu.


SoftByteLabs CloneMaster v4.0

SoftByteLabs CloneMaster v4.0 | 2.99 MB

Clean your hard drive from duplicate files! CloneMaster will clean your hard drive of duplicate files that are just wasting space. It searches for TRUE duplicate files (byte for byte) and bring them to your attention. CloneMaster can locate all files with identical content regardless of filename, date, time, or location. CloneMaster let you find duplicates in multiple paths, backups drive, drives (Hard drive, Floppy, USB Stick, Jaz, ZIP, CDROM, DVD, Network drives, etc.).

View of duplicate files: All of the duplicate files are listed in a single list to quickly select those to delete. Using the header sort and the "Mark All But First" button, you can easily select the old duplicates to delete.
Not only can CloneMaster find duplicate files, but it also find zero length file (empty files) and empty folders.

System Context Menu: The system context menu (using the right mouse click) allow you to preview files, view the properties, delete etc.

Byte for Byte: CloneMaster does not find duplicates by filename, date, size or CRC. It does so by comparing the file data itself ensuring 100% accuracy. You might say this would take a long time right? CloneMaster uses a special algorithm that makes the scan extremely fast. It is as fast as your drives can deliver.

No limites: CloneMaster can scan files with size over 2GB. 32bit is something of the past, CloneMaster handles 64bit file size. you can have as many duplicates listed, no need to wait for the list to update.

Multi-language (UNICODE) interface: You can run CloneMaster in multi-language interface, all dialog texts and messages. Create your own language by editing the language file directly.

Windows Compatibility: Vista/XP/200x will work on NT4/ME/9x


DivX Author v1.5

DivX Author v1.5 | 49 MB

Create compelling video compilations! DivX Author -- A DivX video editing and authoring program, DivX Author lets you create amazing movies and edit, organize and customize all your favorite videos and photos. DivX Author requires Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Combine and edit multiple videos into a single DivX video
Convert videos in almost any digital video format, even videos with different frame rates and resolutions, and combine them into one convenient DivX video file.

Add DVD features to your videos
Create impressive, professional looking videos with all the advanced interactive features of a DVD including menus, chapter points, multiple subtitles and multiple audio tracks.

Create photo slideshows set to music
Organize collections of pictures into stunning photo slideshows with your own soundtrack using DivX Author’s versatile selection of templates and easy-to-use tools.

Combine and edit multiple videos into a single DivX video file
With DivX Author, you can edit your home videos and create mash-ups of your favorite video collections. DivX Author can combine multiple movies, shows and home videos—even those with different frames rates and resolutions—into a single DivX video. Once in DivX, you can post it to your blog or share it on a video sharing site like Stage6.

Add DVD features like menus, subtitles and audio tracks
Add animated menus, chapter points, subtitles, audio tracks and other DVD features to your DivX videos. With easy wizards and menu templates to guide you through, you’ll create professional videos for playback on any DivX Ultra Certified DVD player in minutes.

Create slideshows with videos, photos and music
Make your own photo slideshows with background music and custom transitions, or insert slideshows into your video presentations. Free your digital photos from the depths of your hard drive and enjoy your memories again.

- Input videos with different frame rates and resolutions
- Input DivX, AVI, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2*, DVD-Video (.vob)*, SVCD*
- Input QuickTime (.mov, .qt), DVR-MS, DV/HDV
- Input Audio tracks (.mp3, .mp2, .wma, .ac3, .wav)
- Input Picture (.jpeg, .bmp, .png, .psd, .wmf, .emf)
- Video cut-editing
- Customize your own DVD menus, chapter points, subtitles, audio tracks, motion thumbnails
- Create photo slideshows
- Windows Vista support

* requires optional Media Backup Plug-in

Supported Video Formats:
DivX (.divx, .avi)
AVI (.avi)
DV/HDV (.avi)
MPEG-1 (.mpg, .m1v)
MPEG-2 (.mpg, .m2p, .m2v)
QuickTime (.mov, .qt, .mp4, .m4a, .3gp, .3g2, .amc)
Windows Media Center (.dvrms)
Windows Media File (.wmv)

Supported Audio Formats:
MPEG-1 Layer 2 (.mp2)
MPEG-1 Layer 3 (.mp3)
Dolby Digital (.ac3)
Linear PCM (.wav)
AIFF (.aif)
Windows Media (.wma)

Supported Image Formats:
Bitmap (.bmp)
JPEG (.jpg)
PNG (.png)
Windows Media (.wmp)
EMF (.emf)
Photoshop (.psd)


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